Political Critique of U.S. policy towards Israel (Cartoon)


I found this cartoon while searching the internet for Arab Cartoons. It is a depiction of the U.S. Capitol building with an Israeli Flag flying over it and barbed wire surrounding it which is also reinforced by money bags. This cartoon is a clear commentary of not only the close U.S./Israel relations but also of the power and effectiveness of Israeli interest groups lobbying in the United States Congress. The negative undertones and sarcasm are very clear to see. This is well displayed in the text labeling the Capitol building as the “The Eternal, United, Undivided-(Both Houses)-Capitol of Israel.”  This is a clear reaction by a Palestinian artist towards the Israeli presence in the Occupied Territories and an impasse over the Two-State solution.

To say that this cartoon is appropriate is totally based on your perspective. Cartoons like this are quite popular and well distributed by the Arab Media. We can see a new image of the Middle East and Arab World, in particular, by the emergence of this new Media in which civil society is more vocal (sometimes more radical in that approach) while also weakening the shackles of state censorship. The bottom line is that Palestinians are becoming more and more vocal over the territorial disputes with Israel and this is well portrayed by the increase in anti-Israel cartoons that are becoming more broadly distributed by a rising Arab Media.


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