War Crimes in Syria…when will it end?



It seems like every night on CNN there is another story about a child dying or a families home being destroyed in Syria. The death toll in Syria has reached 70,000 and has no signs of slowing down. The United Nations investigators observing the conflict in Syria have stated that both sides are committing war crimes including torture. The ICC has conjured a list of names that include leaders from the Syria and rebel forces. Aljazeera has reported that these names have remained secret, but one person is certainly on the “hit” list….Bashar al-Assad . The Syrian President  remains vigilant and confident that the government forces will defeat the resistance, even though the fighting  is reaching it’s 2 year birthday. With no end in sight, there are a few things that need to happen:

First, Russia and China need the UN Security Council to do it’s job. Both countries have been vetoing every resolution regarding intervention in Syria. Although both have changed their position on the fighting climate in the region, sitting back and watching is not a feasible option.

Secondly, in my opinion, the United States should send arms to the rebel forces. I think for a swifter end in Syria, so rebuilding and stabilization can occur, we should send military aide. For once I actually agree with John McCain and Joe Lieberman….as much as that hurts to say. Ultimately, sanctions rarely work when look back on situations like these. Sanction may slow down fighting, but it does not end it. Arming Syrian Rebels is key to ending conflict.

Please comment I want to know what everyone thinks!!!!




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