“Uproar Over Netanyahu’s Ice Cream Is Welcome in One Parlor”


“Uproar Over Netanyahu’s Ice Cream Is Welcome in One Parlor”

Pistachio: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s favorite ice cream flavor from his favorite ice cream parlor, Metudela. Ironically, as this New York Times article points out, pistachios are quite the staple crop in Iran. It would be rather safe to assume his pistachio ice cream is not flavored with pistachios from Iran. But the prime minister had $2,700 set aside in his budget for his own personal annual ice cream fund. Something I wouldn’t mind having but I can think of about a hundred more beneficial ways to spend $2,700. Israel is facing government spending cuts and I’m probably not alone when I say this seems like the first thing that needs to be cut. I’m trying to imagine the outcry that would happen if it was released that President Obama allows for any government spending going to his personal affairs, like an ice cream fund.

This story comes at a time when Netanyahu has already been quite consistently scrutinized for his frivolous lifestyle and now for some of it to be funded by the state has many outraged. The ice cream parlor, even though they had not received an order from the Netanyahus in a few days, are not being jilted by this story as many are traveling to see what the fuss is about this ice cream. My understanding is that it is quite delicious. “Let them eat ice cream?”



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