“Going Against the Grain”


“Going Against the Grain”

Gideon Levy, a journalist for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, has been following the Israeli occupation of Palestine for decades. He visits Palestine once a week and reports on what he sees, plainly and without propaganda. He simply observes how the Palestinians live and are treated by Israeli guards and describes what he saw in a column for the paper. Some see him as a “brave disseminator of the truth” but many others “condemn him as a propagandist for Hamas.” Levy said that he realized three things when he began visiting the occupied territories: 1) this was the biggest drama facing Israel; 2) it wasn’t being covered by the Israeli media; and, 3) it would be his life mission to report on the occupation to Israeli readers who did not want to know what was going on. Levy also makes note that “there have been worse and more brutal occupations than the Israelis. But never an occupation that believes it is the victim. And the only victim.”

This couples my previous post in that there are people within Israel that do not agree with the occupation of Palestine. They support a two-state solution. Unfortunately, however, they are small in numbers. But not by much. If the most recent Israeli election proved anything it was that supporters of Netanyahu are shrinking and believe that it is time for a change and a solution to this conflict. It is necessary for people like Gideon Levy to continue their efforts in dispelling the untruths being promoted by the state of Israel for awareness and support to be rallied to elicit change and a solution. Israel has been a state for 65 years now so this conflict has been extended over almost seven decades. I feel that it will be an utter shame on mankind if this conflict continues to the 100-year mark. I hope there is a solution, in which the Palestinian people can live freely, without fear, within my lifetime.



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