“Gangnam Style finds a tragic touch in Gaza”


“Gangnam Style finds a tragic touch in Gaza”

If you have access to the internet, you have probably seen, or at least know of, the South Korean YouTube sensation “Gangnam Style.” If you don’t have access to the internet or even a television but have access to a radio, you have probably heard the song. Normally I would say that is a crazy statement and there is no way that people is destitute areas with a simple radio have heard this (awful) song. But after spending the night in the Sahara desert in Morocco and being able to hear a faint “Gangnam Style” playing far off in the distance, I don’t believe that statement to be so crazy. The song is literally everywhere. If you’re stuck in a language barrier you could probably break the tension by starting to do the “Gangnam Style” dance and attempting to sing the catchy tune. Not that I would recommend that as you will look pretty ridiculous doing so, it could be done.

Capitalizing on this global phenomenon, five men and two children from Gaza created their own rendition of the song: “Gangnam Gaza Style.” The video is an attempt to show the global community the conditions that they live in. Ridden by destruction from Israeli attacks, the Palestinians residing in Gaza are virtually living in a prison stuck in the Stone Age.  In 2006, Israel bombed Gaza’s only power plant and since then, there have been rolling blackouts lasting upwards of 18-20 hours sometimes. The people in Gaza are living without power and if they are lucky enough to have a generator, the gas stations are empty and therefore unable to supply power to the generators.  The video displays the unlivable conditions Israel has created for the Palestinians in Gaza. In the most recent attacks in November of 2012, Israel destroyed one of the few remaining sports venues, leaving only a pile of dirt and rubble in its place. This destroyed the Palestinians; and the men and children in the video demonstrate this. Children make up about half of the 1.7 million populating Gaza today and over 91 percent of children suffer from “moderate to severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” These children will not have a place to live if things continue like this. If things continue like this, they may not even make it to their twenties. The World Health Organization has deemed 95 percent of Gaza’s water undrinkable and a UN report suggests that by 2016 the water supply will run out.

“Gangnam Gaza Style” is using a global phenomenon to reach out to the world for help. The video is rather poor quality, as it was shot on a cell phone camera, but the message is strong and unavoidable.



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