Video Postcards

I was reading through the World news section of the BBC’s website when I managed to stumble upon this great article/video from everyday people living through the revolutionary events of the Arab Spring. I found this to be the perfect example of how dramatic the transformation of Arab Media has been over the past ten years. It’s amazing to think that within the last ten years, there has been more change in the fields of communication, technology, and domestic media than in any other point in Arab history. I was also impressed with how this was in a Western media forum rather than off of al-Jazeera or al-Arabiya. The personal feelings of the people are being heard throughout the world in a very personal and honest way. This illustrates that the events in the MENA region have come to gain more worldwide attention rather than being a  secondary news story to a world audience. Just as twitter and facebook have already proven throughout the course of the Arab Spring thus far, a young and vibrant Arab civil society is forming that is bringing about massive changes to an already transforming arena in Arab Media. The most important thing I noticed about this video was how outspoken and driven these individuals were in having their voice heard. This shows that the changes that have already occurred in Arab media have changed the fundamental views of civil society across the region. I found this video to be fascinating and a great way to gain new insight into a region I already care for tremendously.



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