Sen. Marco Rubio to meet with Netanyahu

As weird as this may sound, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio is gong to visit Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this week. Rubio, a ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is going there to discuss  Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, and the State’s relationship with Iran.

Now the facade looks like official “Senate business”, but it is also a way for Rubio to get his foot in the door in the next Presidential Election. By going to Israel and beefing up his international relations portfolio, Rubio can be a legitimate Republican candidate unlike the party’s last nominee (sorry Moon).  In terms of electoral politics, Rubio going to have talks with Netanyahu will attract Jewish voters and establish a potential base in 2016.

Obama may not be thrilled with Rubio stepping into his Head of State  domain, as the United States relationship with the Jewish State over the pasty few years has been on rough waters.  Also, with the embarrassment of Romney’s trip over to Israel looming over the Republican’s heads, Rubio has to be cordial, respectful, and in a way….keep his mouth shut. With the tensions rising in the Middle East, and Iran building a nuclear program, the last thing Rubio wants to do is put the United States in a quagmire. Iran is walking on thin ice with Netanyahu, who claims that he will use  preemptive military forces before Ahmadinejad procure’s a nuclear weapon.

All Marco Rubio should do is shake some hands, reassure that the United States is a support for Israel, and for heavens sake…drink plenty of water!!!!!!!

By David Kendall


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