Did Prisoner “X” Kill a Hamas leader?

The late Prisoner “X” was an officially unnamed prisoner who was in the Israeli prison system. He was found dead in 2010 by apparent suicide. This situation has caused an up-roar in the national community as the man, who was recently identified as Ben Zygier was found to be an Australian-Israeli citizen. On top of the difficulties that came with the multi-national confusion, the extent of the crime was never given, and the crime itself was never officially determined.

Another issue is that his apparent suicide, does not fit the story of Zygier being in a suicide proof cell. Based on the information that the Irsaeli government have given, Zygier was under 24 hour surveillance. A few questions come to mind, how can someone who is under surveillance and in a cell that is suicide proof kill themself? And what plans did the Israeli government have for him that drove him to suicide?

From all accounts, Zygier seemed to be a spy/assassin for Israel and was tied to the killing of a Hamas official, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Recently in the Arabic news paper Al Jarida, one of its contributors said that :

“Mr. Zygier had provided the authorities in Dubai with “names and pictures and accurate details” in exchange for protection, but Israel kidnapped him from a hiding place and imprisoned him on charges of treason about a month after the Jan. 19, 2010, operation.”

Its clear that Israel killed the Hamas leader, and when Zygier was about to disclose all the information, they chose to kidnap him. How many more times has this happened? How many Zygiers are there in Israeli jails as we speak? As a country that seeks to join the UN security Council, how do they expect to be admitted if they continue with these inhuman and immoral practices.

The global community should seek to punish the actions of the Israeli government, I would expect Australia to lead the charge. If an Australian citizen is in chained with no trial, and put in a situation where he finds his only option is suicide, then something is very wrong. This is an affront to the global community as a whole, and instead of doing what the superpowers always do and letting it go they should punish Israel like they would punish any other country. This action is inhuman in any country, Israel should not be the exception.

Israel is at a critical point, the current government seemingly has no moral standards and feels that they are above the law. The relationships with the countries around them are continuously deteriorating and the national community is starting to condemn their actions. This government committed unwarranted attacks on Syria during a revolution. It continues to disregard its neighbors airspace with its warplanes. This is the government that has brought the genocide and segregation of Palestine to its most critical state. It has had its share of second chances. When all the facts are on the table, it’s clear that the state of Israel is a terrorist nation.Image


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