Lieberman in hot water

Israeli ex-foreign minister’s commented regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Lieberman stated that “peace between the two is ‘impossible’… the conflict between Palestinians and Israel can only be ‘managed’”. Following this public statement last week, Lieberman has recently lost reliability and creditability within the Israeli community. Lieberman who is a key ally of current Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has been accused and put on trial for fraud and breach of trust. While pleading not guilty, charges on Lieberman relate to the promotion of an Israeli diplomat who admitted in a plea bargain he had illegally given Lieberman details of a police probe against the then-foreign minister. Two months ago, these allegations resulted in the resignation of Lieberman from Netanyahu’s cabinet. In addition to both having these charges against him as well as his statements against the conflict, Lieberman has also created controversy by questioning the loyalties of Israel’s 1.5 million Arab citizens. Through these comments and sparks of controversy, Lieberman has not only brought himself a large following in the political world, but has also brought against him accusations of racism.

I find this very interesting and significant because through reading this article Lieberman has not only made himself the topic of controversy in his homeland of Israel, but has also sparked dispute with the Palestinians and Arab individuals in the region. In addition to being the center of controversy based on his comments, Lieberman has also been linked in connection with illegal fraudulent activity on the political level. Not only does this show that he has attempted to illegally gain access to political power within Netanyahu’s cabinet, but also shows that he has no problem with gaining political followers and political seats no matter what has to be done. In my opinion, this shows that this individual is both racist as well as biased towards Arab and Palestinian individuals, where his views and views by others that are similar to his are the main reason why individuals involved in the conflict cannot come to a resolution for peace.


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