The United States to grant more aid to Syria

The United States are looking to grant more aid to the Syrian people. While there has been aid already granted to certain parts of the country but still more needs to be done. “We think they have calculated that they have to pacify parts of the country y letting some aid go through,” said Anne Richard, assistant secretary of state. Anne said that many of the people in Syria have been moved/displaced making it harder to reach the people because of the Syrian government and the militia checkpoints.

To go on, Nancy Lindborg, the USAID Assistant Administrator for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance stated that “there hasn’t been enough, and we need to collectively, as an international community press for more access.” She is basically saying that the Syrian government needs more aid than what they already.

As there has been a huge refugee crisis for the Syrian people. Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq are now having around 800,000 Syrian refugees living in these countries. Also, there has been a huge increase of Syrian people leaving the country within the past two months. “More than half of the $365m pledged by the U.S to assist Syria, is for the people inside Syria.” As the U.S is assisting the people inside Syria, this includes clean water, food, and medical care for the people.

Even if the U.S didn’t give aid to Syria, they still have food, shelter, and nice weather. But the U.S is helping Syria out, and what is Saudi Arabia and others doing with the billions of dollars that comes out of our wallets when we complain about the price of fuel?


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