North Korea carries out their third nuclear test since 2006..

North Korea has carried out their third nuclear device test since 2006 and the first time under Kim Jong-un. This nuclear test “could bring North Korea one step closer to developing a warhead small enough to arm any of the many missile types it has stockpiled, which in turn would lead to other powers increasing their levels of nuclear deterrence in a new and deeply dangerous arms race.” People hoped that Kim Jong-un would not follow in his dads footsteps following the “military first” polices.

The third nuclear test by North Korea is coming at a bad time with tension within the region and this is bringing such criticism from a regional ally, China. In an article in The Global Times, “ a newspaper close to the Chinese government, had previously warned that North Korea would “pay a heavy price” if it proceeded with the test.” This could lead to the outcome of war between these two communist countries. The Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe chipped in on this issue describing the test as a “grave threat” that will not be accepted.

With the test being done, it shows a sign of desperation on the Kim regime’s part. His regime depends on normalizing the relations with the U.S. The way North Korea needs to reform its economy is that it must draw foreign investments and thus become a low cost exporter like China. This would require to uplift the U.S imposed sanctions, hence North Korea’s attempt to normalize its relations with the U.S with the threats of nuclear war. North Korea is simply saying that they would stop making new bombs if the U.S would agree and sign a non-aggression treat and uplift the sanctions. In my own opinion, China doesn’t matter in the survival of the North Korean regime and this is why China has absolutely no influence over North Korea.

It sure seems like Kim doesn’t understand that he is pushing this too far. The world has been happy to just isolate and ignore the failed pariah state of North Korea up till now but their ranting is getting less amusing and more threatening. China is obviously tiring of the lunatics on their border and if Kim really eventually achieve a credible usable nuclear weapon, the west may be forced to act.


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