Multiple bombings in Syria, killing tons

It seems like we hear about a bombing in the middle east a couple times a week. In Syria this past week, about 19 members of the Syria armed forces was killed in two suicide car bombings that was targeting a military intelligence headquarters in the south central part of Palmyra. Not only were 19 members of the Syria armed forces killed, but a number of troops were seriously injured during the bombing shortly after the attacks against the intelligence branch and a security building that was close by. “It said rebel fighters attacked the buildings soon after the double blasts, while the army deployed security forces in the city renowned for its Roman ruins and which has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO.”

Shortly after the bombings took place, there was a burst of violent acts that circulated around the buildings that were bombed, leaving a total of eight innocent civilians hurt. A dispute has evolved in “Damascus as rebels launched an offensive against President Bashar al-Assad’s  forces, breaking a lull in the conflict,” an opposition activist said. The authorities closed a series of roads including the main Abbasid Square and the Fares al-Khoury. This led to a serious outbreak as the fighters began to attack aggressively at the roadblocks with rocket propelled grenades and mortars.

As the main Abbasid Square and the Fares al-Khoury was blocked off, being under attack, a bomb that went off destroyed a chunk of the back wall of the military intelligence compound that was located near the Roman-era ruins. As the chaos kept happening, a suicide car bomber drove by the building, blew up the car and then destroyed sections of the building, leaving it in distraught. “The first car bomb struck at around six in the morning. The second one, which caused the larger explosion, broke through into the compound 10 minutes later,” Then a series of roadblocks throughout the city were attacked.

According to aid agencies “At least 700,000 Syrians have fled their homes, seeking shelter in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and more than one million people have been displaced within Syria during 22 months of fighting.” It sure seems like the government in Syria is not doing its job, its failing in my opinion. This also shows that the government is disorganized and doesn’t have a clue on how to control certain issues within Syria. As we look at our government system throughout the country, its under control and not disorganized. How many times do we hear about a suicide car bomber in the U.S? It is rare to hear about a car bombing in America.



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