Egypt’s women are up and arms about sexual assaults


In Cairo, the Egyptian women are becoming more angry and upset as sexual assaults are not being attended to as it should be. As there have been several marches against the heated topic, sexual harassment in Cairo, as the women carry kitchen knives in the air as they march. Demonstrators have challenged to take on the government in Cairo and the police have responded with using force. “About 70 people have been killed in clashes with security forces since Jan. 25.” Also, harassment has been an ever ending problem in Cairo.

The sexual assaults that are happening at these protests have been violent where women have been stripped down to no clothing, groped, and have been raped. The numbers of sexual assaults have risen significantly in the past year. “The attacks are organized by opponents of the demonstrations, who aim to make protects seem less representative by removing women from the scene,” activists say. Some of the Islamists have given there input on this issue and a possible way to solve this solution: “limit female protesters to designated areas.”

Members of the human rights commission of the Islamist dominated legislative assembly basically put down that women who are rallying with men should no longer be acceptable and in specific areas that are unsafe. “Sometimes, the girl herself is fully responsible for rape she puts herself in this situation,” lawmaker Adel Afify said in comments carried by several Egyptian newspapers.

In a neighborhood in Cairo called Maadi, women were learning how to fight back against a attacker. These women took a self defense course on the way to escape an attacker by using special tactics I.e striking a guys face and neck….weak spots on the body. The self defense course was free and organized by Tahrir Bodyguard, a group that protect female demonstrators at these protests on the streets. The outcome of this course is to advance these women to belief in there self’s and not be afraid to fight back. I believe that men and women should be treated equally. They should have the right to protest where they please, and not be violated when doing so.


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