Netanyahu keeps pushing forward


Following a ruling by the Supreme Court that the settling of Israeli’s in the West Bank to be illegal and the eviction of 30 families, Israel approves an additional 90 settlements be placed in the area on private Palestinian land. Not only is the additional 90 developments creating tension and havoc in the region, but the Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also plans to eventually expand this settlement to 300 new homes when all is said and done. However, this recent issue as well as the previous issues over Israel placing homes on Palestinian land and pushing the Palestinians further off the land has also created some tension and scrutiny. Not only has this brought upon negative impressions with Palestinians in the area but also with Israel’s main alley the United States. It has been stated that this issue over expansion and taking of Palestinian land has been a constant issue which has been testing the relationship between Netanyahu and President Obama.

I find this recent plan to be very interesting based on the fact that both sides seem to simply keep driving the wedge between the other. Even with constant strides by both sides as well as other nations to create peace between the two sides and clear up the conflict in the region, neither side is willing to stop. In the case if Israel, they state that these developments are legal and the land that they are taking is their land not the Palestinians. However, in the case of the Palestinians, they have stated that as long as the Israeli’s continue to create settlements and developments on their land, negotiations between the two will cease to continue. As a result of this, both sides seem to be doing all that they can do to procrastinate the issue. This has been done through both sides simply not engaging in peace talks and attempts to compromise as well as instigating the issue through attacks that strive for one sided progression to solely dominate the land. As a result, each side to the conflict seem to have their minds made up stating that the land is theirs through both linkage of history as well as religious linkage, meaning that neither side will bargain or trade off because each wants sole control of a land that they can call their own.


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