Iran calls for an end of nuclear arms after North Korean test…seriously?

Reuters reported that the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, reacted to the recent North Korean nuclear test by stating, “”We think we need to come to a point where no country will have any nuclear weapons.” Seriously? We all know that Iran has been building its nuclear program for years and continues to do so.  Western countries, as well as the rest of the international community, still believe that Iran is progressing their nuclear arms “race”, despite the country’s constant assurances that its use is for peaceful needs. The I.A.E.A however, who has been denied access to certain Iranian sites over the recent months, disagrees.  Yukiya Amano, the director general of the I.A.E.A., said Monday that “the outlook is not bright” for obtaining permission to visit the Parchin site.

So what is  Ahmadinejad’s plan in the end? Is he really going to use nuclear sites to produce an efficient means for energy, or does he plan on blasting the state of Israel back to the stone-age?  Answers to these questions will eventually work themselves out over the next few years, however one thing remains certain. President Obama and the United States will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and will use military force if needed. The United States will always defend Israeli interests and national security, as seen by the shipment of Raytheon’s Patriot Missile System aka the “Iron Dome” over the past decade.  So whats the difference between the U.S’s stance towards North Korea and Iran?   Massimo Calabresi of Time Magazine sums it up best:

“The regional politics are different. In the Middle East, Israel has made it clear publicly and privately that it will take military action to stop Iran from going nuclear. If it did, the U.S. likely would be drawn into a war regardless. In Asia, a U.S. attack on North Korea, nominally an ally of China, would be more destabilizing than the current approach of trying to contain Pyongyang.”
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I just found that Iran’s reaction to North Korea was comical in the grand scheme of things. To put in layman’s terms, it’s like two kids playing in the backyard with fire crackers and one of them lights one off (North Korea).  Meanwhile the other kid has the flame inching towards the fuse, but says that firecrackers are dangerous and might get us in trouble (Iran)! Like I said comical.

– By David Kendall

P.S- I guarantee the President will mention something about nuclear weapons and proliferation at tonight’s State of the Union Address. Stay Tuned!!!


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