The Bombings Continue

Following last week’s violence and protests in Iraq between the Sunni and the Shia within the city of Fallujah, violence and attacks between the two continued Friday afternoon. Last week’s attacks were focused on Sunni neighborhoods which were believed to have been linked to Shia-led authorities, Friday afternoon a Shia dominated neighborhoods were the latest target of a bombing. In this attack, thirty one people were killed with dozens more injured from the explosion. Authorities claim that the bomb was hidden in a box which was placed in a market located in the Khatamiya area in northern Baghdad. In addition to placing a bomb in the marketplace, a second explosive device was also placed in a parked car near the location. Furthermore, in the predominantly-Shia province of Babil, two more car bombings occurred killing another 13 people and wounding 47 others. Not only have these attacks by Sunni individuals been against civilians in the Shia dominated areas of town, but security forces and government authorities are also being targeted.

In looking at these violent attacks and conflict within the area between the Sunni and the Shia, the reason and purpose behind the conflict is very similar to the clashes between the Israeli’s and Palestinians. Just as the Palestinians and Israeli’s are fighting over power and control over the land that they call their home, the Sunni and Shia people are also fighting for the same reasons. In addition, both sides in each of the cases claim the root cause of the issue to be based on the belief that they are the rightful descendants. In the case of the Israel and Palestine conflict, both sides are fighting for control of the land that they claim was once theirs and also claim that their religion plays a huge factor in being the rightful descendants. Likewise, in the Sunni and Shia battle over control, both sides feel that they are the rightful heir to power through their religious beliefs and as a result should have control over the land that they call home.


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