Syria is Attacked by Isreal

The Israeli government on Friday, two days after their attack on a Syrian target, violated Lebanese airspace. After the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, the United Nations voted a agreed that “Israeli planes are forbidden from flying over Lebanon”. Despite this, the Israeli Government continues to intimidate its neighbors with unwarranted acts of aggression.  Which begs the question, who’s interest is the Israeli Government working towards.

Something I cant understand is why the Israeli government is allowed to continue to break UN laws, and why is it so hard for the American government to notice. Unlike its portrayed in the media, the Israeli government is not a bastion for religious freedom and democracy. Although the Israeli government maintains that it seeks peace, the actions that it takes points to war. It claims that it acts in defense and it perpetuates the stigma that the Israeli government has a more advanced set of morals than its neighbors. However it refuses its Universal Periodic Review mandated by the UN Security council and promised through its acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The same review that all of its neighbors willingly participate, including the country of Iran, which it condemns as unjust.

Its clear that mainstream press is trying to walk the line between a pro-Israel and pro-Palestine policy. As the United States continues to back every move of the Israeli government, the press is trying not to sound anti-Israeli and thus anti-American. However, not reporting a story, or twisting the facts of an existing one just allows the atrocities to continue.

Israel is home to a strong people, and unlike their government many of them want peace. Many Israeli’s understand that the current governmental approach of an “above the law” attitude is ruining their countries reputation. Furthermore, the treatment of the Palestinians in Israel is talked about more freely in Israel than in the United States. Its up the Israeli people to end the atrocities that the government executes. I believe that when the next election season comes around, the movers and shakers in the Israeli government will be thrown on the streets.


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