Somali rape cases

The Somali government and the newly appointed president and prime minister will be looking to tackle the rape cases within the capital. The leaders of the Somali government have said that the authorities will do everything in its power to step up its game to protect rape victims in the “Horn of African nation.” With this being said the government should do everything in its power to hire honest and hard working individuals that are willing to protect everyone in the community. The technology and resources we have in the United States today is a lot different than what they have in Somali.

The Somali government commented about how they will tackle rape cases after the foreign donors and the human rights groups “criticized the arrests of a woman allegedly gang-raped by soldiers and the journalist who conducted an interview with her about the sexual abuse.” Why would a woman falsely accuse “soldiers” about a rape and go out of her way and trouble to do so. Hassn Sheikh Mohamud, the president, said that his government “is the only government that has proven it is dedicated to improving the lives of women in the nation, he will not directly interfere in the ongoing court case.”

The unidentified 27 year old woman, her husband, and the freelance journalist who interviewed the woman shortly after her about the sexual abuse are all being brought up on charges of “insulting a government body, making false accusations, and seeking to profit from the allegations, has sparked international concerns over sexual violence and press freedom in the country.” The human rights group says that this is a politically motivated trail that is a design to cover up any sexual abuse of women by the security forces of Somali.

After this trial has concluded, Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid and the prime minister has promised to reform the armed forces. This could be a stepping stone to a newly revamped Somali armed forces. Once they reform the armed forces, then the government can look at all the statistics after the first year and see whether or not the rape crime has gone down in Somali and the possible chance of the armed forces in committing this type of crime towards the woman. Saaid who is currently married to an Somali peace activist, said “the government has launched public campaigns designed to bring down instances of rape. However, he concedes more can be done.” With this being said, it seems like there can be a lot that can be done within the government to make it successful.

Many journal organizations and human rights groups say that arresting any journalist and putting him on trial for interviewing someone who was a rape victim is clearly a violation of media freedom and free speech. Somalia is “one of the world’s most dangerous places for journalists, with killings of reporters reaching and all time high in 2012 when 18 media workers were killed,” according to the National Union of Somali Journalists.

Saaid said towards the end of the article how crucial it is for the government to support press freedom for Somali, saying “journalists perform a critical role and we want them to be able to work without fear or favour.” It seems as if rape isn’t the only problem going on in Somali and that it’s the most dangerous place for journalists, it seems like Somali has a lot of bad things going for them to this day. The Somali government needs to revamp there whole government system in order for these problems to stop happening again and again.


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