“Assad Says Israel Destabilising Syria”

This article is about how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is reacting to an alleged air strike on a military convoy by the Israel Defense Forces (“IDF”). The convoy contained weaponry presumably destined for Hezbollah’s forces, the Syria-backed terrorist faction dedicated to the eradication of Israel and Zionism in general. These remarks were made during a meeting with Saeed Jalili, Iran’s national security council secretary. Syria is currently in the midst of a nearly two-year uprising wherein nearly 60,000 have been killed. If you look between the lines, this appears to be at odds with Israel’s staunch policy of nonaggression, and assuming they were involved in this latest attack, it comes at odds with that doctrine. Also, Israel’s Prime Minister  Ehud Barak has committed the IDF to keeping advanced/chemical weapons out of the hands of Hezbollah, which would presumably be supplied by either the Syrian government or the Iranian government (Hezbollah’s other backer). Such commitment could manifest itself in the form of preemptive strikes in an effort to prevent another conflict like the one in 2006. 



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