Palestinians Rights are being trampled.

The country of Israel after receiving information that the United Nations was going to look into its ongoing illegal settlements in Palestinian land, publically refused to attend their Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of their human rights practices ( Its action was childish and indicative of the “we can do what we want” ideology that the current ruling party seems to believe. As no country has ever unjustifiably missed a UPR, the question arose of what to do with a country that blatantly threatened the legitimacy of the Human Rights Council.

With all the facts on the table, it would be impossible to deny that the country of Israel is violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I cant help but think of the common saying, “An innocent man doesn’t run away”. The boycott of the UPR only stands to legitimize the argument of the Palestinians and in my mind, prove the guilt of the Israeli government. If the situation in Palestine is bad enough that Israel wont even allow a formal review of its pledge to Universal Human Rights I believe that drastic action should be taken to help the Palestinians that obviously are having their rights infringed upon.

In terms of what the Human Rights Council should do, I believe that the countries that comprise the Human Rights Council should place severe sanctions upon the country. If any other country in the Middle East was to do this, the world would be in an uproar. For Israel to deny the review of their countries UPR basically says that they are ignoring Human Rights. As a representative from Egypt has said, we are facing a “Moment of Truth”.( What the countries in the council choose to do will set a precedent. I refuse to believe that because a country has certain allies, they have more rights than their surrounding countries. As the Pakistani representative stated “We wonder … whether this kind of cooperative spirit would be extended to some other countries that are not as close to some of the major powers in the world,”(

Israel signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they should honor their agreement and stop their mistreatment of their fellow humans. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was issued in 1948 after the atrocities that were committed in the Holocaust. ( declaration was meant to prevent these atrocities from ever happening again. You would think that due to the large Jewish population in Israel, the country would be first to condemn the crime, not commit it.


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