The reading for this class has presented us with a broad overview for what the rest of the semester will hold. It has incited arguments to praise as well as condemn the use of the internet and other media outlets in the Middle East. The recent change in the social, political, as well as economic landscape for the people of the Middle East is due partially in part to the surge of media efforts within these nations and around the world. Unfortunately, the censorship within most of the Middle East hinders the common man’s outlet from oppressive leaders. Not to say that every nation in the Middle East acts in this way.

The most prominent use of media within the Middle East that I can recall is from May 1st 2011. When a young man tweeted about helicopters that were abnormal for the area, he unknowingly was the first to break the story of Seal Team 6 and the mission to terminate OBL.

The International Al-Jazeera differs from the Arabic Al-Jazeera in shocking terms. The Arabic Al-Jazeera focuses on the local issues within the region. Unfortunately, the English news station does not as much. The study within the readings shows this.

The other pressing issue that I cannot shake from my head connects to the Suicide Terrorism course which Dr. Roberts also teaches. Without media, terrorism cannot succeed. Unfortunately for the victims, there will and always has been (in recent history) media coverage of terrorist attacks and threats. Terrorism thrives on many things, the media being one in particular.

All of these notions of media in the Middle East scratch but the surface of what the semester and readings will uncover for us. I look forward to developing new and informed opinions about these topics.


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I am a Classics major at Roger Williams University.

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